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If being home with your children is important to you, there are jobs that can accommodate that desire!

Here are a few I've personally used to make my budgeting dreams come true.


VIPKid Work Online

Work online evening, nights and weekens for ~$20/hour!  A 4 year degree is needed to work for this company. They provide the TESOL certificate and other training free once you are hired. If you plan to apply, send me a message so I can coach you through the process and increase your chances of getting hired the first time around.


Palfish Work Online

It is nice to have a work online opportunity that doesn't need a degree. Using an Ipad or Iphone. This is a great mobile gig to teach kids in China English. I only work occasionally on here because I much prefer using a computer with VIPKid


Pampered Chef

There’s no inventory requirements. Let me say that one more time for the people in the back. You do not need to have any product on hand at all ever to sell Pampered Chef. All orders ship directly from Pampered Chef fulfillment centers. You never need to keep any products on hand except for the ones you use in your own kitchen. 

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