• Lara

32 Things "Good" Parents Always Carry (Hack #8)

There is a meter by which we measure all parents. Even if we don't talk about it openly, we all know it is there. For the longest time, I thought this meter was invisible. This year, with Covid-19 checklists becoming as noticeable as a new Louis Vuitton handbag in a sandbox, it is time to finally discuss the secret list that good parents always carry. I confess, I had to ask a number of parents what they actually carry in order to get this list as complete as possible. Let's see if you pass the test!

My car may look like the inside of an outlet store during the mayhem of boxing day sales but when you need a personalized bottle of saline because your contact lens fell out in the middle of a 10km hike in the bush, I'm your woman!

Items are listed in no particular order of priority. At one point or another I have used each and every one of these items and have been quite pleased with the ease in which I was able to get myself out of a potentially awful situation. If I missed an item you think is important, I'd love to hear from you in the comment section!

1.Dental Floss

Throw it in a zip lock bag in your lunch bag and when that little piece of broccoli from your salad gets stuck in your teeth or your child's- you don't have to stick fingers in mouths. You can calmly reach for your floss and resume a Colgate smile! Pro Tip <<These ones the kids can use independently>>

2. Tweezers

My kids have an cunning ability to get splinters in their hands at any park. I've tried removing things with pliers out of desperation, but it wasn't pretty. I highly recommend a pair of tweezers also stuffed into the lunch bag or first aid kit. <<Check Out This Deal on Tweezers!>>

3. Plantain Salve

I only just discovered what this was two years ago and if I had to choose one natural product to take with me everywhere, this would be it. (From lip balm, to sunburns to scrapes and even hemorrhoid treatment, this amazing salve has got you covered -literally!). My favorite Brand is by The Green Goddess in Northern Alberta. Click here to order online.

4. Wipes

My mother always carried a wet facecloth in a plastic bag when we went on picnics in Nigeria. They are much better on the environment than wet wipes but you'll have to remember to replace them each outing. These days, I throw a packet of baby wipes in my lunch kit and forget about them...until the kids come running towards me with muddy hands and begging for their sandwiches. Pro Tip- Get the flip top package << Featured Here>>

5. Hand Sanitizer

You might assume not much needs to be said about this these days, but there is more to it than meets the eye. Super parent tip- Get a big pump bottle, all the kids will use it independently and you won't have to battle with the cute but impractical spritzer bottle with peanut butter smeared down the sides. <<Click Here>>

6. Masks- Duh! P