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A Berry Good Time at Seaview Park (Port Moody)

Updated: Jul 22, 2020

I peruse Craigslist like I expect to find a winning lottery ticket one day. I enjoy scavenging for deals on kids toys and sporting goods and it allows me to release my attachment to specific objects if I get them at a good deal. I try to revolve toys out of the house rather than hold on tight. I'm not a minimalist, but I'm getting there. I teach the kids experiences are more important than things and I live that philosophy too.

On this day, I'm not sure what took us all the way to Port Moody, but before I set out to pick up the item I put a quick post on a Facebook group asking for recommendations on places to go with kids to pick Salmon Berries (our latest addiction). There were a couple of recommendations, but Seaview Elementary School was the closest to our route so I decided to check it out for the first time. We parked at the school, and began our decent through the woods with all three kids on bikes. The trees created a beautiful canopy and the Salmon Berries appeared to reach out to us begging to be picked. And pick we did!

I wondered about bears, but the children were making enough noise to scare anything away. Their squeals of joy and exclamation as they found yet another juicy berry were enough to let me know we had come to the right place. I love watching them forage.

At the end of our walk, with containers bursting full and bellies even fuller, the pathway opened out to the biggest surprise of them all. A playground.

I sat at the picnic table and unpacked our picnic. Which reminds me - feel free to sponsor our next adventure by clicking here. The park was wonderful. It had beach-like sand covering the playground and just the right amount of challenge for every age. The kids began a game of tag and I was able to continue picking berries while they played. Then I spotted something every unusual. A Playbox! I didn't even know such a thing existed. We didn't have a key, but I looked online out of curiosity to see what was stored inside. Well played Port Moody!

Seaview Park was close to a convenience store (a few minutes drive), so our outing included Ice cream sandwiches to go with our berry good day. We will likely come back next year when the season returns and we want to pick some more low hanging fruit.

Park features

No washroom

Free parking

Playbox (specific hours of operation)

Close to a school

Beach sand at playground

Forest trails for exploring

Salmon Berries

Parking lot for bikes and scooters after school hours.

Lots of shade.

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