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A Broad View at Broadview Park (Burnaby)

This year has really given me a deeper appreciation for things and places I had never noticed before. Broadview Park is one of those completely underappreciated neighbourhood parks with more to offer than meets the eye. In my must haves for our daily outings this summer, I tote around our 3 hammocks. It is always a joy to find a place that can accommodate all three in close proximity but not on the same trees. This park does exactly that! It gives the kids a place to play that doesn't have community germs too if I get weary. I highly recommend adding one to your totes! You can find one off amazon from my shop page.

This park has just a little bit of everything and that makes it easy to spend 5 hours or more in a day there. It is quiet, with the most noise coming from the tennis courts (3) or the small playground that comes with a cute sandbox with built in diggers.

But, those aren't the places we spend most of our time when we go. We often pack our wet suits and climb over the rocks in the stream that divides one side of the park from the other. My kids experiment with changing how the current flows by moving the rocks around in the water. In season, we find Salmon berries to munch on along the water's edge and we unpack our lunches on the banks.

The water is low everywhere so I never worry when the children roam on their own. Sometimes when we are just passing by we stop in and embrace wet feet for the sake of a few minutes of fun. I always carry a change of clothes AND shoes in the car for the kids for just this reason.

We always end our day rocking in the shade of the trees. This is a quiet park because it doesn't have a designated parking lot or any washrooms. The portable seal-able potty I pack along is also an essential item for a full day outing here too since there isn't any formal alternative.

My kids enjoy the various sets of swings on either side of the stream and they make good use of the space to run and play. And they always seem to find large branches to build forts or imaginary camp fires.

We are so grateful for this local gem that we hadn't fully appreciated until the restraints of this summer's pandemic.

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