A Father's Love (Brian Wincherauk)

I don't envy Dads. They often get a bad rap. Well, I should say, Mothers are often praised for carrying the mental workload of the family, crowned as domestic Goddesses, and let's not talk about the challenges of childbirth. But, I've had the joy of knowing some really amazing fathers over the years. Fathers who knock this parenting thing out of the park. Brian Wincherauk is one of those men.

I met Brian years ago when I lived in Northern Alberta. It took me a minute to wrap my head around the magnitude of the challenges that faced him and I was left in awe when I connected all the dots. Brian continues to teach me so much about living intentionally and that my bath's are not long enough!

I'm grateful Brian allowed me a tiny peak into his beautifully complicated personal life though this interview. I learned even more about him than I thought I would and was once again struck by the strength, humour, compassion and determination in his spirit.

This seemed like the most fitting interview to release as Father's day approaches. Brian, I am so proud of you. You are changing the world with your openness and compassion.

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