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A Royal Treat at Queens Park (New West Minister)

In the 1939 Royal Tour of Canada, both King George VI and Queen Elizabeth visited this park. If that is not enough to impress you on its rich history, perhaps sharing that this was my son's favorite park for the last 2 years will keep you reading. His reasons for loving this spot actually have nothing to do with the playground that all the children gravitate to. It has everything to do with the small petting farm nestled in the corner. Denzel wants to own a farm when he gets older.

Family in red checkers petting a goat
We take our matchy matchy to another level

This petting farm was not open this year due to Covid-19, but for the last two years between May and September we would frequent this spot weekly and stroll into this free petting farm to brush the goats and cows, oogle at the pigs, ohh and ahh at the noisy peacocks and take photos with the bunnies. We love bringing out of town guests to this interactive and local gem of a spot.

I couldn't believe there was no admission cost.

Aside from the farm animals that are loaned to the city each summer, during the summer months, the park also provides recreation staff. These amazing people set up crafts and games for children to play with and facilitate the free program for anyone that wants to join.

If having FREE Wifi throughout the park wasn't compelling enough reason for parents to stay for the day, the staff and concession stand complete with ice cream definitely seals the deal!

Once the kids have had their fill of animals, they are usually willing to explore the rest of the park. The spray park is the next biggest attraction. With partial shade coverage and numerous spots for the water to spray high in the air and then flow along the painted ground, the cold water was hardly noticed as the children darted from spot to spot and climbed the structures in imaginative play.

It was at this playground that Denzel finally conquered the monkey bars 2 years ago. It was so well planned to have a play structure with a step built in so children could learn this skill without having parents constantly coming to the rescue to get them up to the bars. The park seems to be designed mostly for kids that are older than toddlers and able to climb many structures.

With such little snow fall in this area, we enjoy this park year round with extra layers of clothing. Here Jazlyn is in February testing her climbing skills in the forested sections of this playground. Between the covered eating areas and this giant "Tree house", this park captivates us for hours each and every time we go. This is a busy spot during the summer but the school year leaves it much quieter.

To be honest, despite our frequency over the years, there are still many parts of this 75 acre park I have never even seen. When I recently read that the park also included a soccer field, fitness circuit, off leash dog park and tennis courts-which has never crossed my path, I asked myself what else I could possibly be missing on our outings!?! Share your favorite part of this park in the comments section below!

If you'd like to read more about this park's rich history click here:

Park Features:

A rich history dating back to 1887

Free WIFI!

Stadium and sports fields

Water fountain


Spray Park

sand box

Concessions (pre-covid)

Washrooms (universal mixed gender stalls).

Open grassy areas

Covered shelters

Picnic tables

Petting farm (pre covid)

Outdoor stage (open year round for imaginative play)

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