• Lara

Auditioning for Tarzan at Hazelgrove Park- Surrey

Every so often, I'm reminded that some things are actually impossible to achieve. When we first arrived in British Columbia 2 years ago, I had the naive assumption that I would be able to visit all the parks within a 45 minute radius within a few months. In fact, for the first summer, that's all we did. We went from park to park almost every day all summer.

Two years later, we are still discovering new parks everyday and they just keep getting better and better. I'm constantly left speechless at the creativity and surplus of playgrounds, along side natural forest trails that exist free for all to enjoy. I'm on the verge of concluding that it would be physically impossible to visit all the playgrounds and parks in my local area...but I'm still trying! Last month we made a trip to Surrey and accidentally came across this all ages playground called Hazelgrove.

My son took to the parkour course instantly hanging and vaulting from block to block like Tarzan. We've only seen one other outdoor parkour park in our adventures but had heard about this gem. You can read about the first parkour park called Penzer Action Park by << clicking here>>

The pad is designed with a collection of poles to climb, and concrete pillars that tower overhead. I stood there and watched a child leap off of, do a back flip in the air, a second roll on the spongy floor before coming to his feet and walking away with his friends cheering behind. wow!

The park seemed to have everything. And it wasn't just children that enjoyed using it. I find it so refreshing when playgrounds are used just as much as adults as by the kids!

From tennis courts, to basketball courts, playground with slides and swings for the younger children, this park was well thought out. It also had e