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B is for Belcarra ...Regional Park

Updated: Jul 22, 2020

Belcarra is one of those places that I feel like could return to many times and never feel like I’ve seen it all.

The beach, where we spent our day, was just a small part of this gigantic 1,100 hectare regional park.

Decorated with shells and Sea Stars, my children were happy exploring, and climbing on rocks, at the tree line. We hardly spent any time edge of the water and I enjoyed the soaking in the mountain views.

It was a quiet day when we went to visit. Although we had planned to walk through Some of the 26kms of connected forest trails, I was happy we drove down further and discovered the beach Instead. Water has such a calming impact on my herd.

There’s a corner of the beach by the tree line where a spring runs through the forest before joining the sea. That is where we set up for our picnic allowing for shade and sun as the children desired.

On this outing, I had made the effort to bring our diggers, trucks and empty yogurt containers. I am always surprised how captivated my kids can be with the simplest of toys.

We were here for hours and as usual no one wanted to head home at the end. There were still rocks left unturned they felt.

This beach can be busy if you go on a weekend but one of the perks as a homeschooling family is being able to avoid peak days and times. Some of the most popular places feel like they are completely deserted when we go. The park offers a blend of picnic tables and shelters, washrooms, opportunities to rent canoes for your day or to watch crab fishing off the dock. We were awestruck by a beautiful Bald Eagle that swooped down many times to collect food off the beach. There really is something for everyone at every level of fitness at this park.

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