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Clinton Park (Vancouver)

Updated: Jul 22, 2020

A few weeks ago I was driving home when the kids began whinging about EVERYTHING. If one looked at the other the wrong way, a full melt down ensued. I thought to myself: We can't possibly go home and survive the rest of the day indoors together. I whispered a prayer under my breath for salvation from the challenges of motherhood or for them to instantly become mute...which some days is the same request. Haha. Well, today, my plea was answered in a different way. Suddenly a playground I had never noticed before emerged into view. I made a quick left turn and parked the car faster than when I was pregnant and needed to pee after a long trip. Salvation had arrived!

The kids all begged to bike and I was happy to unload anything that got them to burn off more energy at this short stop.

I opened up the hand rest and withdrew a few of my emergency stash of granola bars and dispensed them like candy. We had food, we had space to play and suddenly those grumpy faces turned into smiles. I put the kids into an empty wading pool when Covid-19 is not running rampant. They were content. I was relieved.

I power walked up and down the path and did step ups on the benches while they did loops in the pool on their bikes. We were all burning off steam. This park was a blessing! It had washrooms we didn't end up needing to use, but were happy to know existed. It felt so spacious against a giant field for soccer lovers and a playground that attracted children to play and adults who seemed to use it for their frequent workouts.

If you are looking for a neighbourhood park that has a lot more to offer than meets the eye, Clinton Park is one I'd recommend. Its flat terrain allows the kids to wander away while still being in full view.

Located at 2690 Grant Street, Vancouver

Park Features


Wading Pool

Soccer Fields


Lighted Field

Baseball Diamond


Wheelchair Accessible

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