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There's Something Fishy about Trout Lake

Updated: Jul 22, 2020

If being around hippies makes you squirm, this park is not for you. With 5 flavours of freshly made kamboucha, and plant based snacks as just a few of the unexpected surprises on the menu at the concession, this park always leaves me with an extra skip in my step and desire to splash more colours in my wardrobe. There is one thing though... you have to like geese if you go to John Hendry Park

There are two beaches at this community park. One designated for dogs because that's what you do in British Columbia. You have a beach, just for your dog! The second beach seems to be designated for children and ducks. Likely because ducks are top choice on the menu at the other beach. The two beaches are connected by a paved walking trail with open space interspersed with trees on one side, and this lake on the other side. Barbequing, lifeguards, even a water wheelchair are some of the perks you'll find at this popular spot. And ducks. Yes, don't forget you'll see lots of ducks.

We packed up our lunch today after staying indoors for a rainy morning and headed out to the beach. The sand was perfect for making sandcastles and we took our hand me down trucks and diggers to spice up the fun in the sand.

Sand has a wonderful way of equalizing all age differences. My 3, 4 and 7 year old all play together in hysterics for hours each and every time we go.

Whenever we come to this park, which also has two playgrounds, we are left inspired. If it is not the summer outdoor concert series, the trendy Farmer's Market or the National Aboriginal Day celebrations, then it is the people doing yoga and acrobatics on the lawn, or lazing in hammocks strung between trees that leave our hearts filled as we head home to rinse off after waddling around in the lake.

Today, the price of peace was $0.

We often use yogurt containers to build our sandcastles and the diggers were

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