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"Everyone Has a Plan Till They Are Punched in The Face". (Mundy Bike Skills Park- Coquitlam)

Updated: May 19, 2020

As Denzel fell over the side of his bike, at the crest of a ramp, and into some bushes. I wondered if he could relate to Mike Tyson's quote above. It's a quote I have had a personal relationship with as a serial entrepreneur and one I had wondered how I would introduce to my own children.

Learning new skills is hard. It takes a delicate blend of stupidity, and determination before a dream is achieved. After I helped him untangle himself from the bushes, I gave him a high five for testing his limits. Then I told him he needed to do it again...but faster. That's the problem with having me for a mother. I see failure as something that exists if that is where you stop trying.

He didn't try again on that ramp. But, he didn't quit either. He just changed strategies. That's the wonderful thing about the Mundy Bike Skills Park. It has two trails side by side. One for the novice rider and one for those ready to battle with Mike Tyson.

So, we scaled back and went to the smaller runs. A thrilling route that loops onto itself allowing your to repeat, retry, and build skills up before trying the more challenging route.

The kids all worked on bike control as they weaved in and out of large boulders. They worked on learning how to slow down as they went over ramps, and they learned not to give up, but to change strategies when they got stuck on a course.

Although the skills course backed onto a large forest trail, the children didn't want to wander. Shade was hard to come by and the sun had become hotter than I expected. I suppose large trees could have been problematic for the electrical lines that towered overhead.

It was a lovely outing .One where we all inadvertently learned that big dreams are best achieved in small steps.

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