Falling Into a New Year at Cascade Falls (Deroche)

Updated: Feb 15

Today is my husband’s birthday. Many years ago we adopted a no Birthday or Christmas gift tradition. Instead we gift the gift of our presence on special days. Today, we fell into his new birth year at Cascade water falls near Mission, B.C

This wasn’t what I had originally expected the day to involve. I had fully expected to have a day at home watching back to back Netflix movies with the kids curled up next to us. But, when the sun came out and shone across bright blue skies, we knew we had to spend the day outside.

Mark had heard of this waterfall in a neighbouring city near Mission and suggested we visit. So, we made the one hour drive to enjoy our time together there. It was gorgeous. The falls reminded me so much of Helmcken Falls (North of Kamloops).

I had the joy of seeing those falls (above) a few years ago when I embarked on a 3 day solo road trip with Denzel (age 4) and Jazlyn (6 months). On that trip, I had stopped every two hours so I could nurse the car seat averse infant. One of our stops was at those breathtaking falls plummeting into the bowl below much like Cascade Falls. Although smaller than Helmcken, Cascade Falls came with an added bonus. It boasted a suspension bridge across the channel allowing us to admire the falls from many angles.

I love water In all its forms, but waterfalls have such a profound energy I find myself in awe. Their sound is so commanding of attention. Not even the strongest of swimmers would survive the undertow of a strong waterfall. I find that all humbling. Nature can be more powerful than human will which says a lot considering all the things that humans can do. And the way water can rub away the rough edges of the rocks by patiently rubbing them over the years reminds me that success in any mission can be achieved with even the smallest steps.

It was very fitting to start the first few days of our new year by admiring nature’s bounty. The walking trail was very short from the parking lot to the falls. Although it was uphill and on gravel, the journey was short enough the kids made it without much bribery.

The one way trail was enchanting. The forest trees hugged the path and branches were thick with moss. I would have been content spending the day in this forest. The children enjoyed the large tree trunks that called for us to search inside for fairies.

When we were done admiring the falls, we made our way to the picnic area and were delighted with the trail that took us right to the bouldered bank for rock throwing. A covered shelter could not have been any more picturesque if it was photoshopped.

I was pleased to see a family coming down the path to take professional maternity photos in the area. What a breathtaking backdrop!

After we enjoyed endless rock throwing and rock skipping, we made it back to the parking lot. after my cappuccino on the way there I was relieved to see there were out houses available. The. we piled back in the car and began our drive home. This was well worth the drive for some quiet reflective family time. Here is to another year!

What unusual traditions do you have in your family?

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