• Lara

Flipping Through Privilege

Updated: Jul 22, 2020

Raising children who will change the world has its challenges. I find I am either educating them on their privilege in varying degrees or on their lack of it. Having a Black home schooled son comes with a mysterious balancing act of educating on male privilege, financial privilege and Black discrimination. Our conversations float around between the strict rules I aim to instill for his future safety. i.e. "No eating food in a store before you pay for it". And "yes, there are many women who are just as good if not better, than many men in various sports".

I find history and current affairs hard to swallow or even talk about. But as mom, I can't avoid their realities and the implications on my family. So, these lessons are embedded in the stories we read together. We read several books each day and frequent the library like it was a grocery store giving away free all-you-can-carry produce. I use books as a platform to discuss the world. It is much less harsh than beginning a conversation with "Listen here boy..."

Here are a list of some of our favorite books with beautiful stories. I sat down today to compile them and realized they all had the same theme. I had never noticed this before.

Every single one of them is about love.

Loving people as they are, for who they are, regardless of race or gender. Sometimes even I need the reminders. I hope they inspire you to find them in your local library, or to add to your permanent collection. The links and photos are clickable sending you to my affiliated Amazon links to purchase.

Where does God Live by Holly Bea My favorite passage from this beautiful book:

Stand Tall Molly Lou Melon. By Patty Lovell. This little girl embraces her quirks and triumphs over a school yard bully.

I love you Stinky Face By Lisa McCourt. A timeless story about a mother's love. I will be reading this book to my kids and my grand kids. It doesn't make you weepy like that book I'll Love You Forever.

THUD- Nick Butterworth A beautiful and captivating story about an entire community overcoming their original fear of someone that looked differently and embracing their whole family.

Please Louise! A sweet story about sibling relationships and the value of friendship and time apart.