• Lara

Go Big AND Go Home (Hicks Lake Campground)

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

For an adventurous spirit like me, the last few weeks have been quite challenging. It is starting to feel like we have been stuck indoors for eternity! Aside from the obvious pandemic thingy, we've been really confined at home (with doors and windows closed) because of the thick smoke that was blowing in from forest fires in the U.S.A. Then, just as that cleared, we were stuck at home because of the torrential rains that followed. Now, we are battling snotty noses from germs that obviously teleported into the house since we have been no where!

Being at home so intensely did a number of things for us: It gave us all time to gain more clarity on our goals.

-My son decided to take up online Ukulele classes with an amazing music instructor. (Click Here for His Facebook Page).

-The younger two helped me organize all the toys, and willingly purged many of the toys we store inside the compartment of the couch. We love making donations to our local thrift store!

-I've filed all our bills from January- That was depressing- Not a recommended activity. I even had the time to wash the floors, on my hands and knees, like I was planning to eat off of it! The 5 second rule extends endlessly in this house!

While all this domestic activity was occurring the fall air began to creep in. I couldn't help but reminisce on our summer fun. Wow did we ever have tremendous momentum with our outings! Despite already having 50 blog posts, with most of them being about parks we visited, I am still backlogged on the places we went that I can't wait to share with you.

I concluded I operate very much like a pendulum. I swing IN and OUT of the house with great enthusiasm. I go for great adventures and then I go home (to blog about it! haha). One of our amazing summer pendulum swinging adventures landed us north of Harrison Hot Springs at Hicks Lake with two of my kindred spirit home schooling sisters and their children.

The view from our campsite over Hicks Lake

If you've read my previous post on our first time Ocean Side Camping >> Click here <<, you already know how much I love taking the kids camping despite the tremendous amount of work it is to make it look seamless. So, when we were invited by the homeschooling Goddess of a mama, in the picture above, to camp at Sasquatch Provincial Park, I said YES!

Have you noticed I like to say YES to just about any opportunity that crosses my path (safe-ish ones that is).

Three kids were stuffed into my oversized tent and they spent every waking moment of their days biking and playing and exploring nature and wild life around us.

They had the best time roasting hotdogs and marshmallows in the evenings, and it was all so very therapeutic for my foster child- he even relinquished his eating obsession completely during this adventure.