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Going Grey at Memorial Park

Updated: Jul 22, 2020

After gallivanting all over Vancouver the last few weeks, we slowed the pace down and went to Memorial Park. Memorial park has lots to offer, but it really felt like it was designed for an older audience. It was our first time there and I can't say we felt compelled to return.

With a pristine lawn bowling field, tennis courts and a pickle ball club, it almost felt like the play ground was an after thought. It came with a few sprinklings of older wooden structures and toddler swings on short chains. It was nice to be at a park with washrooms even if it didn't have any hand towels or dryers.

We still had a great time stringing up the hammock in a small grove of trees and unpacking our giant bubble wand that brought all the kids flocking to us trying to catch the biggest bubbles.

My children enjoyed biking on the long walkways and through the forest that seemed to have built in ramps and jumps for even the youngest biker.

Perhaps most notable for its memorial day celebrations this park had a number of large open fields where families could be seen kicking a ball and playing baseball. I'm not sure I feel compelled to return but we spent 6 hours there and the children still didn't want to leave!

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