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How to Change The Weather. Parenting Hack #3

Updated: Jul 22, 2020

There’s an old saying that "breakfast is the most important meal of the day." I have to agree, but not for the reasons that people think.

Waffles made the night before warmed up in the morning are transformed into a bunny with a cottontail and chocolate chip paws, leaping away

The first hour of the day is what sets the weather for the rest of the day in my home. Having good weather in the morning is so important to me that I will go to great lengths to make sure our chance of Sunshine and warmth are high in our daily forecast.

The biggest factor to a good start is being ahead of the needs of three hungry children with 12 hours worth of energy in their bodies ready to burn. From the start of my day, I hear Mom, Mom, Mom called like my children are cathedral bells at the start of a grand procession. The challenging pull of getting down two flights of stairs as they run up them to hug me. The love that they have is there in such a magnified degree that I can feel overwhelmed before my eyes are fully open.... before my heart is ready for all of them to jump in.

I’ve come to recognize my frustration triggers and I try to direct our ship the right way before the storm brews. I do this by setting up breakfast the night before. When the children are asleep it gives me the space to be creative, the opportunity to have time in the kitchen without someone saying  “I am hungry”. 

I also try to play with their food too. Creating food art takes away the feeling of drab that can come from the routine of preparing so many meals day in and day out. It’s my way of saying I love you through food art. Making faces with the ketchup or pieces of fruit spread into a grin creates the biggest smiles on their little faces. 

Sometimes it’s a bowl of Cheerios balanced precariously on magnet tiles awaiting the first explorer. Sometimes the table is laid out with colouring pages and markers beside their plates inviting young artists to doodle. 

I love making the effort to slow down the pace of the morning, keep them occupied, and enjoy a cup of tea while I make plans for the rest of our day. I find if I plan for good weather, that’s usually exactly what we get!

May you always have sunshine in your home.

Smiles are always free!

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