• Lara

If You Leave With All Your Teeth, You Are Doing Well at the Inter River BMX Track

Updated: Jul 22, 2020

Every time I find a place like this, I wonder what is wrong with me. How have I lived less than 30 minutes from an Olympic sized outdoor bike skills park and had absolutely no idea?

I shouldn't feel too badly though because I had stopped for directions literally 1 minute from this spot and the couple looked at me like I was searching for gold at the end of a rainbow. They tried to console me by pointing me in the direction of an equestrian center. I shook my head, waving blindly at the 4 bikes I had strapped on and in my vehicle. We didn't come to ride horses, we came for a wilder ride. Finally a lady in a camper van redirected me after I drove down her driveway and sat scratching my head. Google maps says the Inter River Bike Park "is right here" I lamented.

Turn down Inter River Road and stay left. You'll suddenly find yourself in a large parking lot with hoards of children on bikes that are about to blow your mind with their ability to fly through the air, defying gravity, on jaw dropping jumps.

I had unloaded my bike before seeing the course and once I saw it, I promptly decided, today was not the day I wanted to die. I leaned it against a tree and grabbed my tea. I needed comforting. My age had never been so limiting before. My 3 & 4 year old were eager to launch into the smaller course where skateboarders and scooters shared the paved path with big and small cyclists.

This bike park was so intense they had fixed structures of accessible tuning tools and an air pump! It was great to see such a solid and positive outlet for energy for the young at heart.

To say I was terrified to watch my 7 year old go down the course would be an understatement. We even hugged, and as I kissed him I said "its been a great 7 years of knowing you and I'll see you again in heaven. Godspeed my child". And off he went, born to have the wind blowing past him. He tackled that course like a pro.

I was pleased to see each of the three children still retained all their teeth several hours later.

Exhausted, but reluctant to leave, we bid adieu to this now favorite spot. I put full face helmets on my shopping list.

With free parking, a basketball court and a hockey rink tucked away in the corner, this priceless find cost $0!

Edit to add: we returned to this park again and after hours of biking went for a short walk down the hill towards the forest line to take a closer look at the river that was running behind it. This beautiful spring took my breath away. The kids wanted to stay for hours more! I wanted to have a bath in it! With a bridge across it you can choose sunny or shade for a relaxing end to an active day

Park Features:

Washrooms- Standard with multiple stalls

Wheelchair accessible

Basket court

Baseball diamond

Great for swimming

Minimal shade

Free parking

Water fountain

Minimal picnic tables and benches

Suitable for all ages.

walking trail along glacier fed river to cool off at

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