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Kismet at Kisbey Park (Burnaby)

Updated: Jul 22, 2020

30 minutes before we found this park I looked forlorn at the smoothie I just finished. That empty container meant we were just out of the delicious Salmon berries we had picked in bulk earlier in the week. They were so delicious it was hard to keep the kids from eating all the ones they picked talk less of having enough to take home to freeze for smoothies. This week bushes of these berries were in full bloom and ready for picking in every forest. Since I had only just found out about their existence a few weeks ago, I couldn't get enough.

After our smoothie consumption, we were headed out for errands when Denzel pleaded from the back row that he desperately wanted to stop at a park to go biking. I took a quick glance at the GPS on my console and saw we were passing a park.

It was a park we had never been to before, and I hoped it would give him the space to ride. I am starting to break Guinness world records for the speed in which I unload three kids and their three bikes on our daily outings. The park didn't appear to be much more than an open field when we arrived. I parked on the street and was about to be surprised about all it had to offer.

It was an extra large soccer field with thick plush grass and it was fenced which was a nice feature. So, the kids began their biking and I decided to power walk around the field and get my steps in. I didn't even make it half way around before I stumbled on a giant Salmon Berry bush. The berries were bursting with juice and flavor so all the kids instantly gravitated to the bush and filled their mouths. I ran back to the car for the empty container that I had just emptied of Salmon Berries. I was amazed at how quickly I filled it! What were the chances of finding this park and this bush right when we had finished ours?! Kismet I say!

After we had eaten and stored our fill, we continued our walk and spied a playground just outside the fence. It was a cute neighborhood playground with just the right amount of slides (3), and a saucer swing to occupy a hand full of children needing to burn off some steam before dinner.

I found the strategic placement of logs wonderful for doing step ups and I loved how they had picnic benches scattered around the play structure but also along the treeline for those wanting more serenity. The park had some unique features like this water trough that would run water (when it starts up again after Covid), down the plank and into the sand pit.

It also had a trendy water fountain that accommodated both humans and their pets!

Although there were no washrooms, this park was quite the hit. It left us happy to have found that surprise, and eager to return with soccer balls.

Park Features

Picnic tables and benches

Water fountain




Free Parking

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