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Lend Me Your Golden Ears

Updated: Jun 19, 2020

"Yes, spread my ashes here", I whispered under my breath as I began to see the full expanse of the lake spread out in the cradle of the surrounding mountains at Golden Ears Provincial Park (Maple Ridge).

There are very few places I have come across that I felt content to be laid to rest in for all of eternity. This park is definitely on the top of my shortlist. If the long drive through the canopy of the forest wasn't enough to convince me of a greater power, then I was completely convinced during the walk through the forest from the parking lot. It wasn't a long path but it led visitors over a rustic bridge and guided me past meandering pools of water that looked like they have been edited in Photoshop.

Surely this can't be real...

But, I've come to understand, British Columbia is where the unbelievable becomes your everyday.

Every turn, from moss heavy trees, to rustic bridges, I wanted to anchor myself. May I never forget, despite the weight of the world, there is beauty all around.

I know some people come to this Provincial Park to grieve lives lost. And others like me, also come here when they want to reflect in gratitude for the life they have not lost. This north beach spot at the very end of the road and at the end of the walking trail is good for the grieving and grateful soul. It wraps me up in its gentle embrace and falling asleep on the rock beach in front of Aloutte Lake is never a challenge.

Reluctant to leave, I dig my feet into the soil hoping I'll begin to grow roots. My children always enjoy playing in the water, piling rocks, skipping stones and dreaming underneath the fog that sometimes appears there making us truly feel within reach of clouds.

It is a bit of a drive to get to the park, but it is undeniably worth it. The outhouses stationed along the walk make it a place you could stay the whole day. For those who don't want to spend the whole day on the shore, a thrilling outdoor adventure park (Wild Play) is on the way allowing you to literally swing through the trees before going for a swim at this park.

When you need to listen to or feel listened to by the golden ears of a greater being, I highly recommend this park.

Park Features

limited wifi

outhouses along the trai

great for hiking, camping and swimming

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