• Lara

Let Your Hair Down on the Coquihalla

Updated: Jul 22, 2020

Every highway has a theme song. If you listen long enough, it will play it for you. This past week as we drove through the mountains of the beautiful Coquihalla highway, the song Let Your Hair Down was played on repeat. It was as though woodland fairies were singing it to me from the tops of those mountain peeks.

If you ever want to feel small, I mean reallllllly small, take a drive through the mountains of British Columbia. I jumped at the opportunity to go on that humbling trip earlier this week when the kids and I were invited to stay on a friend's acreage in the Okanagan between Vernon and Kamloops. I packed up the car in the middle of the night and when they woke in the morning I surprised them with the news that we would be making the 4. 5 hour trip from Burnaby to Falkland and spending a few nights appreciating the simple things in life. As much as we had a destination in mind, the journey was much more important.

View of the city of Kamploops
City of Kamploops

It had been two years since I had driven through the mountains. I had missed them, despite getting glimpses of them everyday from my patio. There is something really humbling about being at the base of something so large. Watching their tops stretch into the clouds, and realizing just how insignificant I really am in the grand scheme of things always humbles me. It was difficult to get the perfect photo of the snow capped mountains with speeds of 120Km/hr and very few formal turn offs that showcased their majestic beauty, but I tried.

Of course, for the kids, roasting hotdogs marshmallows was on the top of the priority list.

And, I suppose that is part of the package of a road trip. I enjoy creating experiences that are different from our every day. I feel that little bits of change, allow us to appreciate more of our every day routines which, despite their beauty and wonder, can often feel dull and dreary when repeated over and over again. There is nothing worse than feeling you are living in the movie Ground Hog Day where every morning is the same as the last.

For me, it was about catching those quiet moments on a swing, or snuggling in a hammock as the wind that Falkland is known for rocked me to and fro. I need these moments to be still and be grateful for my health, my family, my opportunities.

We did simple things like biking to the local store for ice cream, and threw rocks in the Salmon River.

We oogled at one of the largest Canadian flags on Gyp Mountain, and peeked over the fence to the legendary Falkland Stampede grounds.

Although we only stayed two nights, we thoroughly enjoyed basking in a dazzling display of stars in the night sky.

We all came back refreshed, reset and ready to go on. These moments help me realize that even though we may be small in the grand scheme of things, we still have the power to shape the entire world with our small actions everyday. Choose kindness. Choose stillness. Those things cost nothing.

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