Little Mountain Lookout (Parksville)

Updated: Jan 20

There are places you can only imagine to really exist in your dreams. Little Mountain Lookout in Parksville is one of those places. Last year we spent some time on Vancouver Island. We needed some family connection time and we found a little cottage to spend a blissful 10 days as a family. On one of our adventures we stopped at this hidden gem. Take a look at this video and you'll have to agree you feel like you are on top of the world!

The view was made more beautiful by the sweeping fog that made us feel like we were in the clouds. While you could hike up the windy road, we drove to the top and maneuvered our SUV through the tiny parking lot. This cliff is just a few feet from the parking lot and worth the hoist over the parking area barracked to view. Rumour has it the community fund raised a number of years ago to hire a helicopter to help remove the garbage that people had thrown off the edge of the cliff...since it is pretty much impossible to climb down this ledge. It was a bit sad to see a few piles of garbage at the bottom...but since we were looking up and out, it didn't tarnish the experience.

My son, a budding 8 year old photographer, took over my camera and took the most striking photos. A friend later told me she had her wedding photos taken on this same spot. I can see why. You can see all the way to Happily Ever After right from this perch.

Enter the destination on your google maps and enjoy the quick but intensely memorable outing.

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