• Lara

Neurotic Like White Rock

Updated: Nov 12, 2020

Rumour on the street is that I have a bit of a Type A personality. Maybe people get that impression from the excel spreadsheets I create detailing our outings and time for meals for each day when guests are staying with me. My lists are complete with departure time and the person in charge of packing the lunch for the group if we picnic. I hand them out like flyers to guests on arrival.

hmmm...Perhaps I AM neurotic?

What can I say, I like to be prepared. When in a new city, it is important for me to know what to wear and what the plans are for that day. This is even more important when I have children in tow that expire much quicker with outdoor activity and delayed dinners. My husband thinks it is overkill. My guests...well, maybe they are just being polite, but they all seem to enjoy their long or short get-away in our home. Want to come visit or did I scare you?

One of my favorite places to take visitors is White Rock Beach. Because it is a bit of a drive, I only include it for visitors that are staying with us for more than a few days. This beach side community eliminates the lines between sun tanning on a beach, and shopping along the boardwalk. With more ice cream shops than I thought possible along one street, I can literally step from shop to shore over a set of active rail way tracks, in a matter of seconds.

The boutique stores are designed for tourists. With a lifetime supply of gorgeously displayed shells in baskets to take home, or funky sayings that make me consider redecorating my entire home, these stores make window shopping the highlight of my week!

White Rock orchestrates a great spectacle of the transition from high to low tide, and I often find artists with paint brushes in hand creating their next masterpiece with the ocean and mountain view as their muse.

White Rock skies are often filled with kites. It is a Kite Sailing delight with the winds that surge off the sea to the shore as athletes dash along the water on the sail boats. We obviously need more practice!

With a wide array of fantastic Fish and Chips restaurants, this spot often provides a wonderful time together for my family.

Of course, because of the romantic legend of a neurotic couple hidden in its folds, it is always worth taking a photo of the actual White Rock. You can read the love story by clicking here.

If you make it to the rock, you may as well take a walk across the popular pier that extends straight out from the beach to where people fish for crabs and the occasional numbskull jumps off into the water. Parking is metered everywhere, and the boardwalk is quite long so you'll want to give some thought to where you plan to spend most of your time and then find parking there.

I always find I spend more than I planned when I come to this oasis, but we all come back with hearts and bellies full and that makes it worth the cost.

Park Features:

Washrooms- Standard with multiple stalls as well as portable toilets

Partially wheelchair accessible

CNN Train and Tracks

Dogs permitted on leash

Great for swimming

Great for kite flying

Great for sail boating

Minimal shade

Paid parking

Picnic tables and benches

Shopping (ice cream, lunch, souvenirs)

Suitable for all ages.

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