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Oh Dear... (Deer Lake Burnaby)

Despite current allegations, I am not the Wicked Witch of the West. I tried to prove this today by taking the kids out for a stroll along the Deer Lake path as it drizzled. "See, we aren't melting" I taunted. But, Karma has a funny way of balancing the scales and as we passed the same picnic bench 3 times in a row, all the wind in our sails deflated and I recognized we had a problem. My internal compass, being constantly faulty, had led us astray. We sat down for a picnic lunch while I pulled out my GPS. HOW had we had made the wrong turn TWICE on this one way trail?

This is an amazing accomplishment considering how well it it labelled. Despite the blisters on my feet at the end, it was such a beautiful boardwalk with a few rolling hills that we spent 3 hours walking and running along. At one point I even ended up carrying G's bike while pushing him and Jazlyn in the stroller up a hill. This was not the plan I had for the day when we started out.

We had begun our outing by loading up Denzel's bike on the back of the SUV (Video Tutorial Here) parking at the boat launch where a beach stretches out to a few swings that are blocked off due to Covid-19 restrictions. G was on his run bike and Jazlyn agreed reluctantly to sit in the stroller because this was going to be a longer outing than she would be able to handle on her tricycle and I wanted to do a bit of jogging today.

We marveled at people quietly fishing for Trout in the stocked lake and I made a mental note to bring out our fishing rods and kayak at some point this season. Our goal was to go around the lake once. Pretty simple eh?

It was a dreary day and even the ducks looked like they would rather be in bed.

The path alternated between packed gravel...

and wooden planks forming a weaving boardwalk.

We got glimpses of bubbling brooks...

We played I spy with the nesting boxes for owls scattered throughout the marsh.

It really was a beautiful day to be out exploring and every time I go out when the weather is less than perfect, I wonder why I protest so much. Rain or shine, British Columbia never fails to take my breath away. I could tell the children felt much the same way, because even after hours of exploring, they dallied on this dock reluctant to pile back in the car to go home.

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