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Old MacDonald Had a SaFARMi!

Updated: Jul 22, 2020

Rainy day parenting makes things hard. But, living along the coast means rain is a regular occurrence. Finding ways to have Dazlyn Days even on rainy days takes some creativity, preparation and research! The first thing I do when i wake up is peek through the curtains to check the weather. If its rain, I roll over and pull the blankets over my head for 5 more minutes. If it is sun, I jump out of bed with glee! Last week, after I had worked through the night, I slept in. When I woke it was raining. yuk! I turned to Facebook for inspiration. That is when I spotted this drive-thru farm tour mentioned in one of the Facebook groups, I decided to load up the kids, give my hubby a break, and go on an adventure to Eagle Acres.

A 30 minute drive landed us at the gates of this beautiful farm. With the pain of a lost child embroidered throughout their 40 acres, this farm left me a little weepy despite its beauty. They have 200 animals and at least 9 different species, and my kids enjoyed the loop so much they asked to make the drive through the farm twice!

Although they sell ice cream as you go in, I wasn't brave enough to have 3 children out of their car seats and dripping with ice cream as we toured this little gem. So we opted to have ice cream at home. Spring was the perfect season to go through this farm. It seemed like every animal had just had babies. We spied kittens, chicks, calves, foal, goldfish in a pond, piglets, and more! Our favorite, however, was likely the Billy Goat who reminded us of the gangster goat from the Green Eggs and Ham Netflix series I had recently finished watching with the kids.

Tourists were asked to stay in their vehicles at all times, but that didn't dampen our fun as we played Old MacDonald had a Farm on the radio on repeat most of the way through. Check out Eagle Acres Safarmi it was such a memorable experience for all ages.

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