One Must go Through The Darkness of the "Othello Tunnels" to Find Hope

This year has been unbelievably challenging for me on so many levels. So much change around me left me feeling out of control of my own life. I had feelings of sadness watching my children grow up and even watching them get real adult-y jobs! (

I had feelings of being in a very fast moving hamster wheel and feeling frustrated about the many vacations we would have been on and have had to repeatedly cancel because of Covid-19. I was just feeling worn down and tired and with not a whole lot to look forward to.

I wallowed in my misery for longer than I care to admit. I felt like a caged exotic bird.

Then, having hit what I felt was as low as I wanted to go, I saw a conversation in one of my Facebook groups and I reached out to our foster parent community for counselling services. I ended up working with a lovely Sensorimotor Psychotherapist who is helping guide me through the fog. While I have always been in support of counselling, I haven't felt compelled to use this service till now. A few close friends who are counselling recipient veterans also nudged me in this direction and I can already see the benefit.

In just a few weeks I am already putting tools into place in my life to make me feel less overwhelmed, happier and more balanced. Feeling more in control of this ship I've built means I've hired house cleaners, and a personal trainer and, I'm back at my keyboard with whimsical posts, which is also a big indication of my inner mood.

As Covid-19 restrictions eased, I found my usual enthusiasm for travel and packed up the kids and went on a road trip. When we arrived, I literally and figuratively felt myself walking through the darkness and emerging into the light. It was perhaps most fitting that I was in a community named HOPE

The Othello Tunnels are open again and before all of British Columbia realizes it, I decided to make the 2 hour trip to the boarder of our Covid restricted perimeter with the kids to see it for the first time. I was so happy we went. It felt like a rebirth.

A series of Tunnels interwoven were created as train tunnels over the raging river, in the Coquihalla Canyon Provincial Park over 100 years ago. The history and the rugged beauty drowned out the sounds of anything but their force and beauty.

The children of course, gravitated to a rock beach and explored