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Princess Wanted in Maple Ridge! (North Alouette Regional Greenway)

Updated: Jul 26, 2020

Last October I found myself peering over an old rusty bridge into the Aloutte River. In the distance, a tire swing hung from a tree. It looked as beautiful as I could imagine any fairy tale breathed to life could be. The river flowed gently around an island near by and it took all my common sense and the fact that it was a chilly day in October, not to climb down the pathway to make my way to that swing. It felt a little like The Secret Garden. Right before me was a story book with pages waiting to be turned. If ever a princess was wanted, it was on these pages, and how I wanted that princess to be me.

I said to myself, when the weather is warmer, I must return and I must bring my children. No childhood is complete without a memory of swinging over the top of water on a rope. I know I had my share of rope swinging memories made in Muskoka Ontario when I was a child.

Last week, that long ago dream from October came true. I typed in North Alouette Regional Greenway Parking into my GPS and met with some friends who were intrigued by my mission and also slightly horrified at the thought of swimming in glacier fed water.

It was cold.

I was grateful my children were in wet suits and also mortified I didn't think to bring my own! But we were here, and there was no way I was NOT going to get to that swing! I ended up giving my son a piggy back to get to the swing and in no time he found his courage to swim in the water.

We spent some time there and had a picnic lunch on the island. The walk to the bridge itself was rustic. It came with just the right amount of path for the children to run and an equal balance of fallen trees for the children to climb.

Being so close to an equestrian center, horse poop was sprinkled throughout the wide path. We were told on several occasions there was a bear in a tree up ahead but we never ended up seeing it ourselves. We did come across a frog cooling off from the heat of the day, waiting for the next princess to charm.

If swinging on ropes over glacier springs isn't for you, we also discovered another access point with low logs for the children to ride. Imaginative play was endless as they galloped away in their imaginations.

It was a dream come true to spend the day on this trail. I was grateful for the potty I always pack in the car since there were no washrooms on this path, and It wouldn't have been complete without the friends who made the trek to join me in this adventure.

And they all lived happily ever after.

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