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Running With Scissors. Hack #1

I can’t be the only one with a burning desire to snatch the scissors out of my child’s hand just so I don’t have to watch her try (and fail) to cut a piece of paper any longer. When my kids need practice cutting with scissors I'm faced with two challenges:

1. Do I really want the mess of tiny pieces of wasted paper on the floor?


2. Can I handle the pain of watching her try to cut but instead she just repeatedly bends the page leading to her frustration and a genuine dislike for arts and crafts?


My daughter came up with hack this during one of our play dough sessions so I can't really take the credit. The contraption was a clown with play dough hair that squirts out the top. It is as messy as you can imagine and then she decided she wanted to cut it. At first I cringed. But, when I saw how much easier it was for her to get the scissors in the right position, it was a game changer!

It has mind blowing and a stationary saver! Just cut the thick play dough! When it’s all chopped up I can roll it all back together and do it again and again. A reusable and practical solution to one of our challenges

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