• Lara

Sauntering Through The Derby Reach (Langley Township)

As our Covid-19 numbers continue to reach new highs, it is becoming more and more challenging to find places to go where there aren't many people from my pod brushing past. Weekends are particularly challenging because everyone is out trying to soak up the last sun rays of the year. I make a point to avoid busy playgrounds as much as possible on weekends so I was left scratching my head on where to take the kids with my "safe 6 pod" for some fresh air and fun last weekend.

Three friends pose for a selfie
There was something magical about the colours of this scarf.

One pod mate had mentioned the Derby Reach Regional Park in Langley. I had never been so I piled my kids into the car to check it out with them. There are two trail options. The Edgewater bar or a forest loop on the Houston Trail. Because it was a bit chilly we picked the Houston Trail to block out some of the wind off the water.

If you are looking for a stroller friendly 3.5km walk through a rustic and beautiful forest, complete with mountain views, this is the place for you.

We got to spend the day dawdling, playing in piles of leaves and taking photos.

A few people passed by on the path, but not many and they really respected physical distances. It was a gorgeous outing that lifted all our spirits before a busy week ahead.

The walking path came in and out of rest areas. Sometimes the path opened up to picnic tables sprinkled in a field by the banks of the Fraser River, and sometimes we got to an observation area with an amazing view of the Langley bog and mountain views as a backdrop. Each tree was like an art piece in itself. Covered in moss, or mushrooms.

My kids generally enjoy long walks as long as they are with friends. I probably couldn't get them to walk half this distance if it was just with me. But even the 4 year olds made the 3.5km trek without complaining! We were grateful for the washrooms at the entrances to the trails.