• Lara

Show Me Your Friends and I'll Tell you Your IQ (at Minnekhada Regional Park)

Updated: Jul 22, 2020

I have a confession....As a homeschooling mom, who got through her university degree by building Doll Houses,instead of writing essays, I recognize there are going to be many topics in our child-led program that I probably won't be able to provide much experiential insight on. Recognizing this potentially significant gap in my capabilities, I arm myself with the brightest minds I can gather. One of my secret weapons for homeschooling is actually the company we associate ourselves with.

My adult friends are as varied as they are eclectic. From the family that travels the world barefoot, to the Vegans that can name every wild berry we find in the forest as I stammer...Then there is the mother raising 5 children who is always the first to offer to watch my own, and the flight attendant who has set foot in more countries than I'll ever be able to name, I sometimes ask myself what in the world do I actually have in common with such a diverse group of people...

Take my friend Kristina above ...I snapped a photo of her leading the exploration on the fecal mater we randomly found on a forest walk. How many people do you know that would get down on their hands and knees to look at and smell unidentified feces? If you haven't already lost your lunch, consider how valuable this "science class" was to the herd of home schooled children that were following her.

They were so pleased to finally be able to ask the unusual questions around poop that they consider every moment of the day! The real-life assessment on the constitution of animal fecal matter as it related to the berries we found in the forest we were walking through was a more practical and memorable lesson for the children than any chapter in a book I could have leafed through at the dining table. It was also not something I could have done.

Photo of the bear taken by a friend on the way to the park.

My children, as many children tend to be, are naturally curious and ask a million questions about a million topics each day. My son is well equipped to search for his own answers on the internet, but sometimes it is nice to learn first hand from the pros. So, we source out pros all.the.time. This summer, we have learned more about wild berries than I have known in my previous 3 decades on earth.

Our gatherings with friends in the forest have lead to a natural study on what grows on trees.

What happens to the trees when they die? Why do they fall over?