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Splash into Lynn Headwaters (North Vancouver)

Updated: Dec 29, 2020

Lynn Headwaters holds a really special place in my heart. There is something unbelievable about walking through this dense forest canopy beside a glacier spring. The icy water runs over large boulders that seem to have been there since the beginning of time.

In our first summer in B.C before we had many friends, and before I was a foster parent, I would take my two kids to this trail, break off to our secret beach and spend the day being showered in sunshine and tree energy. I can't tell you how refreshing it was to go someplace with no cell phone service, my book and a picnic lunch we shared. We all felt so much closer after an outing to this park.

My children don't mind the cold water fun, thanks to the insulated wet suits I have them in, and this trail has the right balance of sun and shade to keep us content all day. (Side note, you can shop for all my favorites on the resources tab of my site)

Last summer I took some visiting friends with us to this oasis. It was amazing to see how creative they became with the landscape. A rock slide - genius!

If you look around when you are there, you'll find some rocks that have made a circle trapping the water inside so it is much warmer than the rest of the flowing areas. A great spot for little kids to play since it is shallow.

Lynn Headwaters is the largest of Vancouver's regional parks, and the path starts off very accessible for even strollers. However, a few kilometers in, it changes to a rugged terrain for hiking pros. Bear warning signs are sprinkled throughout and if you plan to go far, remember to have a search and rescue plan since there is little cell phone range.

I've only ever seen a portable washroom at the entrance to this park. To get there, (I type in B.C. Mills House on my GPS), and after that, it is nature's glory. It is always quiet when we go during the week, but I hear from others it can get quite busy.


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