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The Last Time my Marriage Was on The Line... Parenting Hack #4

Updated: Jul 22, 2020

It wasn't that long ago that I sat down perplexed and wondered what I had done wrong to get to this point. I looked at my phone, who would I call? I turned to look at my husband but it was clear his answer was final. He was not going to help. This was my problem and mine alone. I was starting to question the purpose of my marriage.

The problem was that I had over 8,000 photos on my phone, and I didn't know how to get them off quickly. I wanted to save many of them. But even my computer didn't have enough space. I wanted to transfer them on to an external hard drive but HOW!!?

This is situation I have faced several times before, and each time someone has taken pity on me and helped me. This time, thanks to Covid-19 physical distancing requirements, I had no one I could count on. Not even my husband. He could not believe the sheer volume of photos I take daily of our children.

What can I say, I want a little help remembering the mothering journey!

So, I turned to the internet. Lo and behold the answer was ridiculously simple. I feel like a genius now that I know! Wisdom like this is not meant to be kept a secret. I've now created a short video to help you out if you find yourself in the same predicament. Hope it helps save your marriage as much as it did mine!

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