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Unicorns at Brentwood Park (Burnaby)

Some days we have what I would call "a home run". It starts by me waking up feeling well rested (shock!), hearing gentle laughter from the kids already down stairs (Shock!) and having clean laundry to put on (WHAT!?!) then the day keeps getting better from there.

Yesterday was one of those unicorn days.

After seeing an impromptu invitation from a friend to come and pick apples from a relative's yard, I packed up our lunch and took the kids out for the fun experience of apple picking. It seemed like a good "home-schooling" activity

There were hundreds of apples to be picked, and pick we did. Filling bucket after bucket with tart apples to share with friends, we had such fun.

Two hours later, after the apples were loaded in the car we decided to head to the closest park we could find. Brentwood Park popped up on my GPS (488 Midlawn Drive) in Burnaby. We invited one of our apple picking friends to join us.

I knew it was a small park, but I hadn't expected it to be so empty. As we walked up to the pristine wading pool I was already regretting not packing our wet suits that were drying at the front door from our trip to the beach earlier this week.

I couldn't resist, I set my bags down and left the kids with my friend and made the short drive back home to get them. We had found our destination for the day and I couldn't resist getting the most out of the day. It was too cold to just wade in with our clothes....and we lived so close by it was worth the trip home. Even I found myself running and splashing through the sprinkling system with the kids. Since no toys are allowed in the pool, we made up our own "The Floor is Lava" game and darted from sticker to sticker on the pool floor to save ourselves.

I couldn't believe there was no one else here! It was so great to reconnect with the kids after what felt like so many days of play dates leaving them running off with friends and a gap in our own connection as a family unit.

The kids swung, ran, biked and at one point I enjoyed squeezing the three kids on one side of the seesaw with me on the other and bouncing up and down. Even I found myself having genuine belly laughs.

Today was a long overdue day. A unicorn day. And I was so grateful for it!

And the price of peace today was $0!

Park Features

488 Midlawn Drive- Burnaby

Portable Toilet

Wading Pool

Picnic Table


Tennis Courts

Basketball Courts

Soccer Field

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