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Walking on Dollar Bills at The Generations Playground

Ever wonder what walking on 1 million dollars would feel like? Last week we had that experience and as you can tell by the look on my daughter's face in the video below, it actually felt pretty darn good!

The White Rock Playground, is the first playground to be funded by a local hospital. With a whooping cost of over 1 Million dollars, this wheelchair accessible, all ages and abilities playground is award winning awesomeness! Hats off to the City of White Rock in collaboration with the Peach Arch Hospital Foundation for bringing this magic to B.C!

With stats showing 87% of Canadian children are not meeting activity guidelines, and a significant increase in medical costs and hospital stays as a result of inactivity, this playground has something to get all ages, and all capabilities moving! Padded in mulch and a spongy walkway, falls are barely noticed if they happen at all.

This wheelchair accessible park has so many unique and educational elements. A collaboration of swing sets allow adults to put children in swings with them and to swing together instead of that arm breaking pushing that happens at other playgrounds. If you don't want to climb, you can make music with the tubular bells sprinkled around the park.

While there are lots of options for children, this park is called Generations for good reason! The other end of the park features an amazing selection of circuit options to promote activity in all ages. I walked 10,000 steps at this park while the children played for the afternoon!

Range of motion exercises with chairs that are easy to get on and off create the perfect circuit for getting a full body workout with low resistance.

Stationary bikes with very low resistance allows seniors to join in on the biking while breathing in the fresh air from the towering trees near by. We couldn't see the dogs in the fenced off leash dog park near by but a number of dog walkers passed by in the trail through the forest so we knew it was really close.

It is no surprise this playground has been named a National Demonstration Site. With very few of these in North America, I was thrilled to see that this was available locally.

My kids (And so did I!) loved the Zip Lines and I loved the clean washrooms! We spent a good 4 hours at this park but still hadn't seen it all. Centennial Arena, a curling club and tennis courts interspersed through a forest trail that leads right to White Rock Beach make this a place to spend several days. We can't wait to go back.

Insider tip: Instead of paying the ridiculously high parking cost at White Rock Beach, Park on the street in front of this playground for free and take the forest trail to the beach for the day.

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