• Lara

Watch Out! Parenting Hack #6

Updated: Dec 15, 2020

So, I did a thing. Despite being a pretty low gadget kind of family, when it comes to the safety of our kids, this Mama Bear spares no expense. What is money for if not to help take care of those we love?

With my history, as a child, of being soooo cute that I experienced not just one, but two attempted kidnappings, let's just say I take this safety S#^% seriously.

I have also been on the receiving end of the panic a mother feels when they realize they cannot find their child. The panic is indescribable, all consuming and one I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy. I have also seen mothers run screaming through playgrounds, and malls with a voice as shrill as can be, in search of their children. And don't even turn on the news for Amber Alerts.

Parents...why do we do this to ourselves?

If you've ever had that experience, you'll know how beneficial the following little gadget can be. Although it isn't meant to replace attentive parenting, it is so nice to have this item on your team when emergencies occur. I spend most of my days alone with the kids, I need all the support I can get to keep them safe.

Yup, that's it. A compact little device that looks and operates like a cute little kids watch...but it packs a powerful punch in the back end. There are so many features about this gadget that I love. I control all of it from an app on my cell phone.

Features I love

1) My favorite is the one touch SOS button on the side of the watch that my kids just hold down and it dials my cell phone instantly. They don't have to memorize my number!

2) Video calls. Two of my kids are too young to send text messages. It is great that should I lose them, I can call them and we can look at each other's faces and I can reassure them, see their surrounding and come to them. This is a priceless feature.

3) Footsteps Tracking and a Digital fence. If they wander, I have the peace of mind of being able to see the route they have traveled or being alerted when they go outside of a radius you set (such as the park you drop them off at for a birthday party). This watch also has other numbers programmed into it like my husband's and my best friend. If something happens to me and my son can't find my phone to call for help, I'm reassured he can use his watch to dial 911 or call my husband from the list of names i've put in the phone book.

This gadget has lowered the blood pressure in our household for the adults and the children. My son, (8years) has on two occasions just this summer gone bike riding and made a wrong turn and couldn't find his was back to me. Once was so innocently on a residential sidewalk, and the other was a central park with all the turn offs he got mixed up with his exuberance. His panic, and mine, would easily have been resolved with this watch if we had purchased it by then. That was the last straw for me. Price would never trump safety.

So, I did the leg work. I kept seeing the children I teach online in China with these watches on their wrists and knowing how technologically advanced China is compared to here in Canada, I knew this was a good investment. But everywhere I turned I was told they wouldn't work in Canada. The network in Canada isn't the same as the rest of the world, so some research had to be done to find the right model and the right supplier. VOILA!

The work has been done, send me a message if you would like to get one! (I bought extras) LaraDare@gmail.com

I can't encourage you enough to consider this item as part of your first aid essential items you don't leave the house without. It has been so reassuring for me and when I find something as helpful as this, which not only works for children, but also for elderly parents who may get confused and wander, I want to share it with the world.

Note: When you purchase the watch, you will need to talk to your mobility provider. In my case it was Telus who knew nothing about a watch as sophisticated as this one but I walked them through it. lol. I added a TABLET plan to my account for $15/month and the nano sim card was mailed to me and already activated. I simply popped it into the side of the watch and watched one of my biggest fears fade away.

If you have questions about this device, send me a message from the blog. You can use the chat box too!