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‘Children are made readers on the laps of their parents’- Emilie Buchwald

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Peace is an offering.
A muffin or a peach.
A birthday invitation.
A trip to the beach.

Join this group of neighborhood children as they find love in everyday things—in sunlight shining through the leaves and cookies shared with friends—and learn that peace is all around, if you just look for it. With rhyming verse and soft illustrations, this book will help families and teachers look for the light moments when tragedy strikes and remind readers of the calm and happiness they find in their own community every day.

By Patty Lovell

Be yourself like Molly Lou Melon no matter what a bully may do.

Molly Lou Melon is short and clumsy, has buck teeth, and has a voice that sounds like a bullfrog being squeezed by a boa constrictor. She doesn't mind. Her grandmother has always told her to walk proud, smile big, and sing loud, and she takes that advice to heart.

But then Molly Lou has to start in a new school. A horrible bully picks on her on the very first day, but Molly Lou Melon knows just what to do about that. 

One of my two favorite books I've read with Denzel and Jazlyn. We couple this with the YouTube videos we find about each person in the book. I want him to understand the hurdles women have and still have to overcome in the world we live in.

Louise never left her brother Jake alone begins this picture book, which explores a familiar theme in sibling relationships. After Louise invades Jake's room to play with his toys, bounce on his bed, and swing from his light fixture, he leaves the house, but Louise follows him into the yard. Closing his eyes, Jake thinks, I wish you were a dog. When he opens them, Louise is gone....  Children will recognize themselves at either end of the sibling-affection scale, from the enthusiastically affectionate Louise to the reluctantly caring Jake in a story that unfolds with surprise and wit. Bypassing the sappiness trap, Wishinsky creates a happy ending for both characters. Terrific for reading aloud.

A timeless story about a mother's love. I will be reading this book to my kids and my grand kids. It doesn't make you weepy like that book I'll Love You Forever.

Good Night Stories For Rebel Girls II

After reading the first volume, we had to have the second one! we love this series.

A lively and inquisitive young girl named Hope has a favorite pastime: asking questions. She asks everyone she knows just about anything. One day her musings lead her to a really big question: Where does God live? She talks to her mom. She questions her animal friends. Finally, it is her wise and gentle grandmother whose lifetime of faith offers Hope, the answer that she and all of us can take into our hearts. It is an answer whose simplicity does honor to the Creator.

A beautiful and captivating story about an entire community overcoming their original fear of someone that looked differently and embracing their whole family.

Family is about love no matter how different parents and children may be, adopted or not.

Choco wishes he had a mother, but who could she be? He sets off to find her, asking all kinds of animals, but he doesn't meet anyone who looks just like him. He doesn't even think of asking Mrs. Bear if she's his mother-but then she starts to do just the things a mommy might do. And when she brings him home, he meets her other children-a piglet, a hippo, and an alligator-and learns that families can come in all shapes and sizes and still fit together.