Shop my Fav Toys & Gadgets

Getting out the door, or staying in on rainy days? Whatever the occasion there is no doubt I need a bit of help in all departments

Enjoy this affiliated list of things I use just about every week if not everyday to keep me sane!


Himiku Blocks

Fun building blocks that bring all ages together for a great activity!


Wee Ride Tandem Bike

It even folds in half!!

Suitable for ages 4-6, a great gizmo when you actually want to bike faster than a snail in molasses! Easy release latch off the main bike and folds in half to fit inside a car easily. LOVE IT!



Double Size!

The closest you'll get to heaven this  side of earth! The perfect addition to your picnic basket! I recommend getting the largest size you can because everyone wants to be in it at the same time!


Attack Deterrent

Essential Items

I recognize there are many risk of being out in the forest alone with my children. While many safety precautions are put into place with each outing, I also carry a little extra protection should  we need it. Fits perfectly in my purse, lunch bag or pocket. Get yours before you need it.


Wet Suit

Best kept secret!

Insulated for extra warmth. Amazing sun and scuffed knee protection. Great when you are in cold pools and fresh water. We've used this in Mexico as the best sun guard and in northern Alberta.


GPS Tracking Kids Watch

Essential Items

Lost your child in a park? Mall? Airport? Quickly locate your loved ones using the GPS locator in their watch. With two way video, an easy SOS button and history of their steps, the watch can also take photos remotely of their surrounding area to help you locate them. Send me an email if you would like one!


Pampered Chef Air Fryer

This gadget is used night and day in my home. It is family-sized to quickly cook up to six servings, a whole chicken or roast, or appetizers for a crowd. Like a convection oven, superheated air circulates giving food a crispy texture. No preheating is necessary, saving you precious time. And it dehydrates fruits, veggies, and herbs so you can enjoy their fresh flavors well beyond the season


Shiatsu Massager

Adulting Essential.

When I am always on the go, getting time in for a massage can be challenging. Now I get to put my feet up for some TLC in the comfort of my own home any time I want to!